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Ten tips to have a great hiking experience.
Now that summer is here, its time to get out and enjoy nature

Plan ahead

  • Hiking with a partner is a lot of fun, motivating and help in case of emergencies
  • Plan your trip ahead, learn about your destination, weather, terrain, trail conditions, how to reach, download trail maps
  • Be prepared physically and mentally. Altitude, heat, cold and terrain can impact your hiking, get off the treadmill and hit the dirt to practice
  • Listen to the weather man, be dressed in layers & a well broken into hiking shoes, having a hiking pole is a good idea
  • Your back pack should include, first aid, sun screen, bug spray, cell phone, flash light ,GPS, food & water to last the whole trip

While Hiking

  • Start your day with a hearty, bellyful of breakfast to kick of the day
  • Depending on the distance start early, and hike at the pace, break every 30/60 minutes, stick to the trails, and avoid short cuts.
  • Hydrate yourself often a bottle of electrolyte would help immensely.
  • Time your ascent and progress, when you reach your destination spend time to enjoy the surrounding and your conquests
  • Time yourself that you return back before sun down

After the hike, it always fun to look back and enjoy of the moments that you just finished a hike. Stretch and relax the weary limbs .Jot down some small blurbs of notable things you were impressed on a note pad. When you have time expand those blubs to share your experience and wisdom

Happy Hiking