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We are a very mobile society , the  millennials are moving to cities and suburbs in large droves, they find themselves in a situation where they need to find friends or an activity partner.
The world is full of people around us, still- it might be challenging to meet,make a friend. The bars, and night clubs has played their part in removing the inhibition to interact with others, they are a long way around to help making  friends. The digital era of websites have also contributed to their part.
What ever the reason its time to venture out and meet new people.

Here are six tips to find activity partners and make a friend

  • If you are into fitness join a local gym, start with working out early, you will have a dedicated group of people who show up. be a regular at the same time, in know time you will find people nodding and acknowledge your presence and you should be good by starting a small conversation.
  • Join for group classes at the gym, yoga arrive there a few minutes early , be a regular and soon you will start making acquaintances
  • Join a volunteer group and start partnering up with people you find it easy to  gel
  • Join dance classes specifically partner dances and be a regular
  • Join community events, strike up conversations
  • Join a sports activity group, like biking, running, etc 


    Summarizing: Get our of you home, be in places where a group of people participate, join in their activities, be consistent and a regular, be on time,
    Smile, be sincere and in no time you will find an activity partner.
    Happy Hunting