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Step out of your comfort zone
Find activity partners
Join activity based groups and events
Sayhello! and enjoy activities
The secret to a healthy life & happiness
Is in something other than yourself
Explore the joy of activities in groups
Sayhello! and seek out a friend
Derive self-esteem, acceptance, care, & love
Its not just the goals
Its the memorable journey to reach the goal
Sayhello! and begin your journey now
Step out of your comfort zone
Find activity partners
Join activity based groups and events
Sayhello and enjoy activities!
Discover the endless possibilities & best in others
Be a friend to experience friendship
Yearn for the impossible
Sayhello! and experience endless possibilities

Sayhello! meet people, make friends, go places and revel in activities

sayhello social networking

Download Sayhello

Using Sayhello is a breeze.
Create an account, create an activity, describe the activity and location & save. Sayhello instantly finds people with similar interests! Initiate a chat, connect and make friends instantly!

Create an Event or Group, Invite friends or matches, chat and connect and enjoy group activities!

Create Account

Customize account creation with your avatar or images

Create Activities

Create up to 6 Activities and find people with similar interests

Connect & Chat

Send notifications and chat with matches

sayhello screen

Create Groups & Events

Public or private Groups & Events can be created


Invite your friends and new matches to join the activity


Moderate conversations and the Event group

sayhello stories…

I just moved to this new city. The weather is perfect for rollerblading.
I wish I knew someone that could go with me…
I’d love to explore the hiking trails in my area.
I wonder if there is someone who’d like to join me?
I work late hours – I wish I could find
a book club closer to where I work…
It was amazing how quickly I met a fellow backpacker and planned a trip together. We have planned to explore the world!
I homeschool my kids. I’d like to plan play dates with families in my area…
Sayhello! made it possible to find families with kids for play dates.
Who would have thought it’d be so easy to meet people with the same interests, that live so nearby!

sayhello video demo…

frequently asked questions

Footer tabs explained
  • Activities & Groups – Create delete, edit activities, groups and events
  • Search Icon – Search for users interested in similar activity types or search for group or events based on activity types
  • Notifications – Message inbox for individual or group chats
  • Setting – Manage your profile
How do I register an account with SayHello?

Your SayHello Account registration will be the first thing you see immediately after you install and open the App. Follow these steps to register:

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Validate your phone number with the SMS code delivered to your device
  3. Create a Profile-Nickname to complete the registration
How do I create an activity type?
  1. Go to activities and Groups screen
  2. Select the activity type icon and the plus sign on the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Press the plus to display all the activity types and select an activity type
  4. Select the days you would like to participate in the activity
  5. Describe the activity
  6. Either select current location or the zip code of the location you would like to participate in the activity
How do I identify people that share similar passion with me?
  1. You need to first create an activity that you are passionate about
  2. Select an activity type
  3. All days are selected by default
  4. Un select the days you are not available to perform that activity
  5. Describe your activity
  6. Select a geographic location you want to perform the activity
  7. Save the activity
  8. You will be directed to a search page
How do I contact people that match similar interests?
  1. Click on any of the chat icon and you can initiate a conversation
  2. If you goals match, you are ready to begin your adventure
How do I block/unblock and report a user on SayHello?
  1. On the chat screen you have an icon on the top right of the screen – click on the icon to block the individual.
  2. Remember you cannot unblock the person once blocked
How do I create a group or event?
  1. Go to activities and Groups screen
  2. Select the group icon and the plus sign on the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select an activity type you would like to associate the group with
  4. Choose if you want your group to be private or public
  5. Enter group information
  6. Save the group or if you have a sponsor you can upload a
How do I exit a group or event?
  1. On the group or details page there is a door icon on the top right
  2. Click on the icon to exit the group